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Hair Services
Prices and Services Vary According To Stylists
Paparazzi Jewelry
All Jewelry $5 
Lead and nickel free
Nail Services
Contact Rose For Services and Pricing
Tanning Services
$25 Per Month
$5 Per Session
Small Strokes


CORINE- Stylist


CONNIE- Stylist


ROSE- Nail Tech


APRIL- Paparazzi Jewelry


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(706) 371- 6987


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Our foundation here at Hot Spot is famiily. Our vision was to create an escape from the crazy, negative, and oftentimes discouraging world around us. When you walk in, you can't help but notice the beauty and the charm that our salon has to offer. Hot Spot is meant to be a gathering place of joy, community, and family. Our goal is for Hot Spot to be a place of peacefulness for our clients. We go above and beyond to make each and every client feel welcome, relaxed, and to be a home away from home!

A word from our founder, Candace Roberts: "Our salon is unique because of our wonderful staff. Our stylists and nail technician have been working in this industry, and in this building for years! They are extremely talented and eager to work with clients on making their visions come to life. Our services are unique because of the variety that we offer. Not only do we offer our clients hair and nail services; but we've expanded since 2019 into offering a small boutique upstairs full of jewelry, handbags, etc, and now tanning!"

Small Strokes

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