We offer top of the line Spray Tanning and UV Tanning with custom commercial beds!! We also offer hair and nail services too! So come see us at The Hot Spot Family Salon for all of your personal care needs!

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About Us

Here at The Hot Spot Family Salon we employee talented and educated staff who are eager to help our clients receive the best self-care possible! We are conveniently located in downtown Hartwell on Main Street across from New York Pizza and are open from 9AM to 9PM EVERY DAY!!

Our Services

We Believe in the Power of Pampering

UV and Spray Tanning Services

Going somewhere fast? Grab a Quickie! Our Quickie Spray Tan is a fast processing, time-released formula, that allows you to rinse off in just 1-4 hours.

Hair Services

From haircuts and hair color services to conditioning treatments and special event looks, The Hot Spot Family Salon LLC offer a full range of hair services at affordable prices.

Nail Services

Invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails. Our skilled technician offers exceptional services that will help you relax and enjoy nails manicured to perfection.


UV Tanning

Level One Tanning (15 Minutes)
RenuvaSkin Red Light Theraphy beds are specially designed and include red XL red light lamps! These lamps guarantee a brighter glow without damaging effects. Our RenuvaSkin Therapy Beds are also equipped with MP3 Integration to ensure your comfort and relaxation! Read these amazing reviews below to learn more about Red Light Therapy Tanning.
“I’m getting people who go to the dermatologist office, now coming to get red light. Without giving medical advice, I’m getting people with psoriasis and eczema coming in with damaged skin to get treatment. I have one man late 60/70’s and after two weeks, his skin is starting to get super smooth, and he said his depression is getting better. A lot of People with skin ailments are using the red light for medical reasons.”
-Donna C., Tiki Tan

“I love the design of the RenuvaSkin red light bed; it is modern and very sleek looking. The pearl white is a clean color and looks fantastic. The clients love the built in fan and comfortable head rest. Clients also love that the bed top is opened and lowered, therefore making getting in and out of the bed for my older clients a breeze.”
-Jen Calla, Lucida Beauty Studio.

$6.50 per session
$35 per month

Level Two Tanning (12 Minutes)
The Onyx series offers an exclusive MyMP3 feature that allows you to connect your MP3 player directly into the bed and listen to music through 2 high quality speakers +1 built in sub-woofer! This amazing bed also includes ProTech Bronzing lamps! These lamps have been given the title of “longest lasting and strongest in the industry!” The Onyx Pro Series also incorporates a turbo cooling system. This system was designed specifically to allow as much airflow as possible while tanning!

$8.00 per session
$45 per month

Level Three Tanning (10 Minutes)
The ProSun V3 is the epitome of a classic stand-up tanning booth. This booth is the ideal selection for tanners looking to tan without lying down! This design is perfect for on-the-go tanners that want a beautiful glow but in a timely manner. Our ProSun V3 booth is also equipped with ProTech Bronzing lamps and a turbo cooling system!

$10.50 per session
$55 per month

Spray Tanning

Our new VersaProTM is loaded with many groundbreaking features including:

• One-of-a-kind Heated Application With 3 integrated heat ports above each spray nozzle, every spray pass will feel like a warm inviting spa-like experience. Clients will stay warm and dry from start to finish.

• Revolutionary Touchscreen Controls Introducing the first-ever true touch screen sunless system controller powered by Android technology, and Sunless, Inc.’s New Operating System.

• 4 Solutions, 4 Levels of Color, Unlimited Multi-Treatments customizing clients’ treatment sessions and color has never been easier using the new Favorites and Session-Builder functionality. From a light glow to a rich dark bronze, combinations and upgrades are endless.

• VersaProTM utilizes a smart container system allowing for the most efficient and consistent spray applications in the industry.

• High-Volume Self-Cleaning Extraction Fan System With a high-volume, self-cleaning extraction fan system clients will experience an overspray-free environment, Plus the exhaust filter cleans itself after every session!

• Height Sensor Technology with our latest innovation in height sensor technology, each spray application will accurately target your client from head-to-toe, reducing environment overspray wile increasing efficient solution usage.

• Auto-Calibrating Solution Volume Click in, click out. VersaProTM will do the rest. With our auto-calibration solution feature, the VersaProTM will automatically calibrate our Smart Container System solutions so you don’t have to.

• Three Revolutionary HVLP Spray Nozzles Re-engineered, and better than ever. Our redesigned HVLP trio of spray nozzles ensures complete, accurate coverage for all body types.

$25 per session
$60 per month

Be sure to ask one of our representatives about returning visitor incentives and referral discounts!

Our state of the art, award winning beds are perfect for tanners that are just beginning and for those already bronzed beauties!

Here at The Hot Spot, we also offer beds with Red Light Therapy! Ask a representative at our salon to tell you more about this technique and how it can brighten your appearance without damaging your skin!

With our quality equipment and knowledgeable staff, we are positive that we can match you to the perfect UV bed! AND if you are in a hurry or just don’t like to lie down while tanning, try our stand up bed!!

UV not for you? No Problem! Here at The Hot Spot, we offer the Versa Spa Pro Spray Tanning Booth! When visiting this booth, you’ll always leave looking like you’ve just been on the beach!

Here at The Hot Spot Family Salon we proudly offer hair services provided by some of the best in the industry! These stylists are highly qualified, educated, and ready to meet your needs. Please call us at any time at 833 500 TANS to book an appointment! Below you will find our stylists’ names and extensions:

Corine Cheek – Extension: 700
Karen Brown – Extension: 701
Connie Teal – Extension: 702

Here at The Hot Spot Family we proudly offer nail services provided by one of the best in the industry! Our nail technician is highly qualified, educated, and ready to meet your needs. Please call us at any time at 833 500 TANS to book an appointment! Below you will find our nail tech’s name and extension:

Rose Ngo's - Extension 704